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Last Update: 06/12/2021
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					Password: thesupercheats.com

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I created a fake cheat software for CSGO that would backfire on the people who downloaded it. Enjoy watching cheaters getting trolled by v3 of my bait software.

Thank you for your support! Let me know in the comments what games you want me to do next.

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SOURCE CODE (fake cheat software)
C# Windows Forms App

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Stop using csgo hacks & csgo cheats!

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It is important you realize that any ANY time it can be detected and we HIGHLY recommend the following:

– Do not rage hack
– Use a different PC if that is possible
– ALWAYS check the status page
– Prepare for banwaves
– NEVER USE YOUR MAIN if possible
– Please consider the risk and follow ALL the instructions above!

If you want to download our hack, just push FREE DOWNLOAD on the right side of this page and follow the steps.


Last Update: 06/12/2021
Status : Working

1. Click on “FREE DOWNLOAD”.
2. Download the cheat you need.
3. You’ll need WinRAR to extract the files.
4. Click right on the file and press “Extract files here”.
5. Enter the WinRAR password: thesupercheats.com
6. Open the folder and run “Hack Loader” as Administrator.
7. Select the hack you need to inject from the list and start your game.
8. Enter the game and press F11 to open up the menu.


Our silent aimbot will allow you to annihilate all players on the map, of course in discreetly or in stallion mode, the aimbot set to automatic mode will destroy all enemies at the chosen distance (up to 1000m !), so you can become a sniper very easily.

Assign a key for the hack and only press the key when you want to use our aimbot!

If you want to be much more legit with our cheats, our aimbot has the option “Aimbot smooth“, this feature allows the aimbot to reproduce the game movements of a human player, so you can hack freely without raising any suspicions.

No one will even notice it! Fully customizable, you can choose exactly how the hack should work.

Our Wallhack ESP will be your best partner, just because will show you on your screen in real time, the clear position of your enemy (see on our video).

In addition, on this hack function, you have the possibility to display or not display certain details, for example your enemy health, their shielding point, the exact distance of your enemy from you, and their main weapon is currently equipped.

Here is an example: “Framework” mode, which will draw a silhouette like a framework on your enemy so that you can aim for better, this option can also be set to work only when your enemy is behind the wall, hill or other obstacles or something else .

Because it works on all players, but also allows you to display information about all buttons (boust, weapons, chests), select the maximum distance where this information must be displayed, complete yourself a lot, much faster than all the other players On the map and get the best items!

Display a small radar hack on your screen, which will show you the exact position of the enemies, around or farther away, configure it as you wish.

Disable the weapon recoil on all your weapons and you will be able to shoot with 100% accuracy and dominate every enemy!

We have writen down most of the options available on our hack, however we leave you surprised to discover the other options built in, knowing that every time we update our cheats, we add additional options.

An enemy has you in his crosshair or just having a peek at you?

Activate the alert system mode, which will indicate on your screen that you are currently being watched, and a marker will be displayed showing you the exact position of the enemy(ies).